SHOWSTOPPER feat. VORTEX Competition

There are two styles of competition you can enter – A pole performance based Amateur/ Semi-Pro competition including a platform for beginner pole levels.


An Open Level pole dance competition with an emphasis on low to the ground pole dance choreography.

When: April 22nd 2017 – Melbourne – The Eureka Hotel – Doors Open 6.30pm for a 7pm start.
Video NOW OPEN! – Entries Close – February 25th 2017… Entry details below.

Finalists will be announced within a week of video entries closing, via email, then announced on social media.

Tickets available online NOW – $40 each –


Showstopper section 1 – Open to: Amateur Level 1

Absolute Beginner to Intermediate level. Basic Beginners spins up to leg hangs and laybacks. Solos only, no human props, No aerial inverting. Max 3 mins

Showstopper section 2- Open to: Amateur Level 2 & 3/ Semi- Pro

This is all one category, however, if there are a lot of entrants I’ll consider splitting it up (based on video judges’ opinions for skill level) or possibly for the next year if this year goes well.)

High Intermediate students, advanced students and semi-pro students and teachers. Solos only, no human props, Max 3min 30 sec.

Showstopper Summary:

  • The performer is to create a well-rounded pole dance based routine that illustrates a theme or concept. The show must have a beginning, middle and an end that is clearly conveyed to the audience. Degree of difficulty in pole work and dance work is factored into the scoring, only if aesthetics and presentation is maintained.
  • Show factor including performance ability, smart use of costume and props and x factor are highly weighted in judging.
  • Clever choreography, musicality and artistry will be well regarded.
  • 2 poles – stage left spinning, stage right static

Pole Work – /10
Including technique, transitions, trick suitability to the theme and difficulty level, variations in dynamic control, aesthetics and movement quality.

Dance- /10
Including technique, flexibility, quality of movement, musicality, artistry, choreographic suitability to theme, kinesthetic awareness and body control.

Presentation- /10
Including a well rounded story or theme with a beginning middle and end, commitment to character, smart use of props or costuming, acting ability, showmanship, lines and aesthetics, x factor, light and shade to create a well rounded routine, entertainment factor.

Total – /30 



VORTEX Section 3: – open level

Open to all levels, all Amateur, Semi Pro and Professional dancers. Solos only, no human props, Max 3min 30sec.

Vortex Summary:

  • This is a choreography and dance based competition open to any level that is consisting of dance work around the base of the pole. The performer must work under the height of the pole that is consistent with the length of their outstretched arm above their head. Floorwork and use of stage is highly recommended.
  • Pole tricks are accepted however the aim is to create interesting shapes, choreography, movement and style around the pole without an emphasis on inverting (Example, no climb and invert/ aerial inverts, inverts should be clever and as a result of interesting choreography rather than to show strength and pole trick skill. You must stay under two ‘pole tricks’ in a row.
  • Any style is encouraged. Showmanship and aesthetics are highly regarded though a theme or story is not required.
  • Clever choreography, musicality and artistry will be well regarded.
  • Open to any level. 
  • 2 poles – stage left spinning, stage right static

Pole Dance Work – /10
Including technique in pole use, transitions, trick suitability (no more than 2 in a row, with smart use of entries and exits) , difficulty level keeping in line with lower 3rd pole movements, variations in dynamic control, aesthetics and movement quality, creativity.

Body Movement- /10
Including technique, flexibility and lines, quality of movement, musicality, artistry, choreographic balance, kinaesthetic awareness and body control including movements off the pole. Use of space, time and dynamics throughout.

Presentation- /10
Including costuming, showmanship, lines and aesthetics, x factor, light and shade to create a well balanced routine, entertainment factor.

Total – /30




To enter, please go to our Online Booking section on our website and pay a submission fee of $15 per entry. (above the classes listed it says workshops/ competition) When you have done this, please send us an email (you can copy and paste from below)

Real Name:
Stage Name:
Phone Number:

Level: (Amateur 1 Showstopper) OR (Amateur 2/3/Semi- pro Showstopper) OR (Vortex open level.)

For more info on levels:
Youtube or Vimeo link/s:
(Can be different to what you would do on the night, just keep it a similar style so we can see what sort of routine you would like to do. Filmed on stage or a studio is fine.)

If you would like to enter both Showstopper and Vortex you can. Please create 2 entries, this requires a $30 payment and 2 video links. To do this, buy one entry, fill in your payment details then select ‘add another booking.’

Any questions, please email

Thank you and good luck!