About Haus of Pole

Founded and run by champion pole performer and dancer Amber Ray, Haus of Pole changes pole dancing and dance is experienced in Sydney. No matter what style, fitness level or availability, we want to tailor our classes to suit everyone.

With the best instructors and teaching facilities, we provide quality training, in-depth progressions and well rounded experiences. We do not have regular showcases each term but we fully support and encourage any students that desire to participate in amateur competitions, shows and eisteddfods.

Being at the top of the industry, following trends closely is important to us. We like to incorporate all styles of pole and dance, from the traditional sexy pole style to lyrical movement and gymnastic based pole tricks. The teacher’s at Haus of Pole also encourage students to find their own style and aim to create a relaxed, enjoyable atmosphere.

Dancing is an art form and we encourage all our students to explore this through many different styles. We want students to feel comfortable in our studios where they feel they can make new friends, have some time to themselves or use our facilities as part of their fitness or wellbeing regime. From complete I don’t know my left from my right beginners to I can hang upside down doing the splits advanced polers, it’s a great place to get fit while having fun.