Have you done pole before and aren’t sure what level you are? Give us a call and we’ll help you out.

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Booty Shaking/Twerking

Booty Basics – for first time twerkers

Booty Intermediate – If you’ve done a term of Booty previously or have dance experience

Exactly that! Want to tone your butt, abs and thighs? This is the best, most fun way possible!

A choreographed class for all levels, you’ll learn to shake that tush, swing those hips and work the club like you live on the beach in Rio.

In this choreographed class, there is no need to do 1000’s of squats at the gym, this is a fast way to get toned and love your booty. Everyone can do this, no need to be able to shake at all, we will show you everything! If you have never danced before or are unsure, ask us about our ‘booty basics’ workshop we run. It is a fun intro into

Important: Wear tights or shorts, bring leg warmers/ knee pads (Knee pads available for sale at the studio made by Ash, our resident Twerk-a-holic) bring water and a sweat towel.

Watch our Advancced Twerk team (that started as beginners not that long ago)
performing at our Shine Bright showcase:

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SFX Special Effects


This class is a combination of Sexy floor work, Floor acrobatics including learning balancing moves and Conditions exercises to get your body toned, strong and sexy!

Learn combinations, choreography and exercises each week and remember to bring your high heels, knee pads or leg warmers and a sweat towel. This class is hot, hot, hot!

Open to all levels.


From learning to touch your toes for the first time to putting your head on your ass, this class will help you get super flexy. This class pulls exercises from a wide range of sources including gymnastics, pilates and yoga. Our main resource is ballet and jazz dance, focusing on flexibility using strength, technique and correct alignment. A combination of dynamic and static movement is used.


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Lap Dance

A sexy, sultry course that will teach you a choreographed routine to tantalise and tease. The perfect cheeky hobby for anyone that wants to explore their sexy side. Low impact, great for beginners, helps with dance style, flexibility and confidence.

We will work with chairs, partner work, choreography of clothing removal and sensual styles.

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Diva Dance

This is a sexy, sassy Jazz dance class that will have you dancing and strutting your stuff like Beyonce!  With lots of hair flipping, hip shaking and the latest commercial moves and tunes, you will be sure to not only get a great workout, but learn how to burn up the dance floor!

Suitable for absolute Beginners, we will learn a dance over 8 weeks.

Barre Class

What it’s about?
Like Extend Barre or Booty Barre but focusing on the principles of Pilates and Ballet (Breath and Movement) as experienced in a Ballet or Pilates class.

Who can attend?
This class is suited to all fitness levels and abilities. Whether you are just starting out on your fitness journey, want to get back into it after having kids or are after a weekly tune up, you will be sure to get a great holistic workout adapted to your level.

How does it work?
We’re all striving for lean, mean, flexible and fabulous bodies and hopefully this class will assist you in getting closer to these goals with time dedicate to balance, breath, flexibility, strength and stamina. Created from Faye’s experience as a professional dancer and 17 years of Pilates training, the class is designed to incorporate these elements together in the ultimate workout.The hard work is balanced out with enough of an artistic element, that your “dance – spirit” will feel fed too, making it feel less like work and more like fun!

What should I wear?
If you have a ballet or jazz shoe bring it along, if not, a yoga sock, regular sock is fab or if you want to show off your pedi that’s cool too. Fitted yet comfortable clothes would be best as Faye will need to see how you’re moving. If she I can’t see, she might have to grope you :0

Showgirl Dance

Want to learn how to walk in high heels? Feel like stepping it up and learning to dance in high heels?

This class is a dance class with no pole suitable for any level. Here you will learn to walk like a showgirl, turn like a ballerina and dance like Beyonce. Inspired by showgirls and pop divas alike, you will learn a new sassy routine each week to an equally sassy song. Great for pole dancers that would like to learn show showmanship, how to move between poles and improve their dance technique.

We will learn walking drills, step turns, pirouettes, step ball change, how to use the stage, kicks and leg lines. .

Did jazz a child and want to get back into it? Come along! This class may be done casually or as a course. You don’t need to wear high heels, but if you are after a challenge, bring along your ‘normal person’ dance shoes or chorus shoes. Anything with straps will work well. Please wear some tights and bring with you some water. All ages 16+ welcome.