Have you done pole before and aren’t sure what level you are? Give us a call and we’ll help you out.

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Beginners Pole

Great for first timers with no previous experience or fitness level required. This course that will teach you basic dance movements, walking in heels (optional) static and spinning pole spins and tricks. You will also learn a little routine to show off to your friends in the last class if you like!

Feel free to give us a call or email us anytime if you have any questions, we know starting a new hobby (especially one like pole dancing) can be a little overwhelming and exciting! We were all beginners once, so please don’t hesitate to have a chat 🙂

Find out what to expect at the beginners class

Lyrical Pole

A stylised form of dance, lyrical pole combines off centre movements, dance techniques and interesting movements to create a story. Made popular by shows like So You Think You Can Dance, lyrical pole is the newest craze hitting the pole scene. Its flowy, pretty, and you just escape for the whole hour into dream land…

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Pole Positions

Kind of like a pole jam, you get to mix with students of all levels. The instructor will take you through warm ups, conditioning exercises and moves to suit your level. This is where new moves, sequences and ideas are introduced and you have the chance to inspire and encourage each other. The pole world is evolving so fast, this is the perfect place to bring in the you-tube video of your favourite pole superstar and try new moves with your friends with the instructors help.


Learn a pole dance routine that will have you whipping your hair and shaking your booty. Think Lady GaGa and Beyonce film clips on a pole. This is a fun, dance based pole class that is sure to get you sweating and feeling sexy in no time!

Each class is a different routine and different style. It takes a few goes to learn how to pick up choreography, but the more you do it, the faster you get at it. The teacher will work at a pace so that everyone can benefit, and
will gladly go over the choreography many times so you feel comfortable.

We recommend this class for level 1 and up, or Beginner students are welcome though a dance background is recommended if you have not yet started in Level 1.


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What Pole Level am I?


We recommend all new to pole students start in our Beginner Course, so matter what background in dance or gymnastics they may have. Beginners is suitable for those that have no background in dance or fitness, don’t know their left from right and have not been to the gym in quite a while. We will look after you!

From another studio? Give us a call or email us and we can help you find a level suitable for you. Alternatively you can try a Pole Positions class and we will be able to tell you from there.

Level 1

Requirement: Must have completed Beginners.
You will learn how to invert, static and spining pole moves (alternating weeks)
layouts, 3 part combos, stag spins, ice skaters, planks down the pole, shoulder mount conditioning exercises, pole climbs and much more.

Level 2

Requirement: Must be able to V invert, plank down, climb the pole perfectly to the top,
Create a 3 combo sequence. All must be done on both sides.
You will learn Pheonix prep on static, laybacks, leg hangs, jamillas, ballerina,
table top, spinning inverts and more.

Level 3

Requirement: Must be able to freestyle to half a song, Invert V spinning, inside, outside and brass monkey leg hangs on both sides. Open jamilla and a layback both sides.
You will learn Leg hang combinations, silk climbs, handstands, elbow spins, brass monkey lifts shoulder mounts and more.

Level 4

Requirement: Down splits, windshield wiper, jamilla at the top of pole spinning plus style, technique and teacher assessment and a full song routine. You will learn Supermans, drops, caterpillar, tammy, pole swings, pole passes,
splits on the pole, cupid and more.
You will learn V sits, rills and flips, lightning bolt, butterfly, shoulder mount, aerial switches, lengthy combos aerially, handstand press ups.

Level 5

Requirements: Handstand press ups, shoulder mounts, cupid, press out butterfly, pistol
grip to brass monkey and reverse, phoenix prep on static, static aerial combos of at least 5 moves. You will learn Static V, handsprings, reverse elbow grips, fly kick, icarina, jade split, cocoons, twisty split. Teacher assessment plus performance footage.
You will learn Dead lifts, leaver down ayeshas, machine gun, torvil variations, Janerio,
Allegra, spatchcock and more.


By acceptance only.