Name: Peony

Age: 27 but I can totally pull off 25, right, right???

Occupation: Accountant (gasp, I know!)

How long have you been pole dancing/ teaching for? I have been pole dancing since Feb 2012 and been teaching since Sept 2014

Which Classes do you teach? Tuesdays!!! – Level 2 at 6:30; Static at 7:30 and Level 4 8:30

Pole Related:

1. Tell us about your first class. What made you decide to try pole

My first class was with Haus’s sister school (Blush) in Newtown with Malinda. I remember I could barely stay on the pole because I have no muscles and my hands were so slippery!!! Mal showed us how to climb up the pole so we put our right foot on the back of the pole and left foot in front, pulled ourselves up (struggling); when Mal said, “OK! Now, just tuck your knee to your chest and push with your knee and pull with your arms” … Nothing happened!! I did it in my head but my body was like, Nope!!!!

2. What are your proudest achievements or memories from pole?

As a student it is always great to achieve a move, whether it is the first time trying or the ones that you have been working on FOREVER! But it does make it bitter sweet when you finally get it…

As a teacher, seeing each and every single one of you improving and working so hard and then you guys achieving is what I live for every time I come and teach a class.

3. What is your pole style?

I like to mix it up, I have been dancing since I was 4, from Ballet, Jazz, contemporary and Broadway, you name it (except for tap, I CANNOT tap). Depending on the class, I can do a sexy routine and then the next one could be a lyrical. Just to keep you guys on your toes a little bit.

4. What does being able to pole dance mean to you?

Pole dance is a source of happiness for me. It transforms my world into a world where there are no worries, no judgement and no people. It’s like a blank canvas, I can make it into anything that I want it to; One minute, I could be dancing on the street of NYC, next minute, I could be with magical unicorns. It’s all up to my imagination.

5. What advice would you like to give to current/past/future students?

It will happen!!

As you get higher in each level, you will find yourself taking a little longer to achieve a move. IT IS OK!!! You will be ready and you will get it when your body is ready. Listen to your body (& your teachers) and we will take you on a journey to achieve it!

6. What is your favourite go to move?

Well it depends if the pole is static or spinning!!

Static – Ragdoll!!!!! Into a back flip and invert into an outside leg hang!!! (Want to know what that is?? Come to static and I will show you :P)

Spinning – Outside leg hang, pull up, into a devil point shuffle; inside leg hang on the other side, static v and into an Iron X! *doing it in my head*

7. What moves are you most proud of, or took you the longest

My handspring! (I know, I know) It took me a year to get my handspring…. See guys, we all have to start somewhere! It did give me time to work on other things though; I got my iron X a week after I got my handspring (Silver lining lol)

8. Describe your class style:

I like to have fun with you guys… A quick chit chat is always welcome in my class but I also make you work!!! (just ask anyone that has been in my class!) We do laugh about it after hahahahah

Fun things:

1. What is your favourite quote or saying

If it is not ok, it is not the end!! – Anonymous

2. Any life advice?

I give out life advice every lesson; you just have to come to my classes lol.

There is one very important one though,

BE YOURSELF… everything will come when you are being 100% yourself, being someone else just mean you are taking a detour to your own greatness!

3. Where is your favourite place in the world?

My favourite place is anywhere where I can have a smile on my face and take a deep breathe

4. Can you speak another language

I can speak, write and read Cantonese fluently. A little bit of mandarin and a little bit of Japanese. I am planning to learn Spanish so hopefully I can add that to my list soon.

5. What is your current home page picture on your phone?

Everything I love; my family, my friends and of course POLE!!!!!


1. What do you love about HAUS

What’s not to love???? The studio space, the teachers, the students…. I can go on forever. YES TO ALL!!!

2. Have you made lots of new friends here?

YES YES YES!!! I have met friends but most of all, I have met family…


I LOVE D&Ms… and I am always up for one, come by and say hi anytime you see me…. Don’t be a stranger…


1. Instagram/FB

Follow me on miss_pe0ny (0 = zero) and add me on fb – Peony Ho!!!

I hope to see you guys soon 🙂