I have never done pole before and i’m nervous. What should I expect?

Most people are nervous and shy when they first start classes. They’re also excited, and you should be too! No matter if you have 3 kids and have not been to the gym in a long time, have two left feet or simply aren’t confident, beginners pole is the perfect place to start. Our friendly receptionists will get you all signed up and introduce you to your teacher. We will take you through a warm up, some movement exercises, small spins and tricks and a mini routine. Each class will finish with a cool down. You can find out more on what to wear and how to prepare for class here. It is natural to feel a little uncoordinated the first few classes, but soon you will be soaring though the air and in love with pole just as much as we are. We encourage all styles of of dance here and we welcome you to wear high heels, bare feet or dance shoes.


How many classes does my course consist of?

All courses are 8 weeks duration unless otherwise stated. Each class is one hour long, once per week. Just choose the day and time that suits you best and you will be on our enrolment list for that time slot for the entire duration of the course. If you would like to do two or three classes per week, you get your extra classes in the same term at a discounted rate.


Do I have to wear high heels?

A common misconception at Haus is that you have to wear high heels. This is simply not true. We encourage our students to be versatile in their styles of dancing and for this, a variety of footwear is required. You are more than welcome to dance with bare feet, leg warmers, heels or toes thongs.

We do love wearing sparkly shoes though, so if you have seen our pics on Facebook, that is probably where this misconception came from.


I have enrolled in a Beginner Pole Course and love it, how can I feed my addiction? 

Join our Facebook group “Haus of Pole Open Group” (which is a closed group, admins will accept you). Here you can share your progress, watch your mentors advance through their own journey and be updated on community events, competitions and workshops. It is a great way to feel connected, make friends and be in the know. You will also find homework, routine videos, tips and fun events to join.

I heard you have to perform at the end of your course. Is this true?

No. Many other studios hold end of term showcases where you are encouraged to perform in class time. Instead we hold regular events such as studio birthday parties or our annual “Hot Winter Nights” party. This is your chance to get up and do your thing without cutting into class time. We also encourage those that want to perform to enter amateur competitions that we can keep you updated on.

I’m a guy. Can I join classes at Haus?

Yes! We would love to have you in any of our pole, burlesque and dance classes. We have male instructors that are a great inspiration, with backgrounds in gymnastics, fitness, nutrition, dance and circus. Many men find that they actually progress quite quickly through the pole levels as they are naturally stronger, and you  also welcome to dress up for burlesque classes, including high heels, if you wish. Here is a video of some of our guys having a pole jam/ muck around. 

What do I wear for Burlesque?

Many of our students like to dress up for burlesque, so they look and feel the part. It is a great idea to wear some stockings, high heels or dance shoes, leotards, corsets, lingerie and of course, red lippy. You can always wear some comfortable fitness or dance attire if you desire.

I have previously danced at another studio. Which level is right for me?

We have a list of moves and tricks in our Class Descriptions page. Some of these may be called different names to what you are used to and you may be in a different level to what you were at your last studio. If you are unsure, give us a call or we recommend you join a Pole Positions class or Practice Time first, where your instructor or supervisor can assist you.

Can I bring my dog/boyfriend/mother in law to watch my class?

No. Only active participants are allowed in the studio in class time. This it to respect your fellow class mates and instructor, and allow you to concentrate on being present in class and have “you” time. When we have special events or parties, you are more than welcome to bring all of the above. If you choose to perform at these events we understand you want your loved ones there and agree that you pets want to watch you perform just as much as your boyfriend does. They are more than welcome to come!

Can I watch a class before I try one?

We do not let people watch class before they start, as it may make other participants feel uncomfortable. Our instructors work really hard of their class material and feel it is only deserving to give their teachings to active participants.

How many people in my pole class?

At each studio we have 11 poles, 1 pole for the teacher and 10 poles for up to 10 of you in a course. For casual classes, we allow up to 2 people per pole.

I’m running more than 10 mins late, can I still join?

No, for safety issues and class contiguity we do not allow entry after 10mins of class starting. If you are late for your course, you can do a ‘catch up’ in a casual class- see below.

T & C’s – Catch up class policy – I am enrolled in a course but can’t make it one week, can I do a catch up class?

We highly recommend you come to all of your booked classes in your course. We do not allow you to pick and choose different classes each week. However, If you are absent from a course class, you may do a catch up class in any Casual Class marked with an * of equal or lesser value. You have the length of your course to do this and it may not be transferred to another date or refunded. Catch up classes are done by a first in, first served basis. You may do a catch up class in another pole level the same level or lower but do be aware that each class will have a different routine.

T & C’s – Are you open on Public Holidays?

Nope, we will be resting our bodies on a sunny boat in the sea. We hope you use this time to rest also and see your loved ones. If your course falls on a Public Holiday, you will be given two extra “Catch Up Casual Classes” in lieu of your missed class on a public holiday. You will have the 8 week term to complete these in. We cannot refund you or transfer these to another term. When you enrol we will send you confirmation if your class falls on public holiday.

T & C’s – Minimum numbers / Should I do a course or a casual class?

Our courses are great for those that want to be guided through a level and enjoy the routine of coming to Haus each week. It is a great way to learn and improve quickly. If this is not the case, we will call you to make other arrangements. For casual classes (marked with * on the timetable) these can be done as a course or casually.  As a course, you can enrol for the same class for 8 weeks in a row, securing your place in class and enjoying a discounted rate, especially if you do two or more classes! There needs to be a minimum of 5 in your class for it to run.

T & C’s – Do you have payment plans?

Payments for all workshops must be made in full to secure your place before the event date.  To secure your place in class you will need to pay a a minimum non refundable deposit of 50% with the remainder due on your first day of class. This can be done at the studio using eftpos, cash or credit or give us a call and we can take your deposit or full payment over the phone. You may pay for a Casual Class at the studio on arrival for class. We cannot transfer or refund your missed classes or payment to another term or to another person.


T & C’s -Transfers and Refunds

Courses and Classes:

Missed a class? We cannot transfer your missed classes or payment to another term. Please see our ‘catch up class’ policy. If you decide you can’t come to any classes after you have booked in, with notification prior to week 1 commencing, we can transfer 50% of your total class cost only (i.e. your deposit) plus we require a $50 admin fee to the next term. We cannot transfer the entire payment to next term. This transferred payment is then not transferrable again or refundable.

Once our term has started, (Day 1, week 1, regardless of which day your first class falls on) there are no refunds or transfers to the next term. Once term has commenced, and you decide that another day suits you better on our timetable, you may transfer to that class with a $50 admin fee for the remainder of the term, if there is availability.

If you change days prior to term starting, there is no admin fee and we will swap you free of charge.

Here are some examples you may identify with:

I want to cancel my booking prior to week 1 commencing: 
– You will forfeit your 50% of your full course cost. The remaining 50% may be transferred to the next term only or refunded to you. If a transfer is chosen, this transferred payment is then not transferrable again or refundable.

I want to cancel my booking after day 1, week 1 has commenced:
– You will forfeit your 50% of your full course cost. The remaining 50% may be transferred to the next term only. This will incur an admin fee of $50. This transferred payment is then not transferrable again or refundable.

I want to transfer my booking i.e “Tuesdays suit me better than my original booking of Mondays” before the term has commenced:
– No problem, as long as there is availability in your requested class. Just let us know.

I want to transfer my booking i.e “Tuesdays suit me better than my original booking of Mondays”after day 1, week 1 has commenced:
– Not a problem, as long as there is availability in your requested class. This will incur an admin fee of $50.


Workshops must be paid in full upon booking. For guest artist workshops – no refunds, transfers or credit once you have booked in. For resident workshops, (teachers that currently teach at Haus) you may apply for a credit transfer (to a friend) if you are unable to make the workshop with 24hrs advance notice. No refunds, or credit once you have booked in.

When is your Tuesday 6.30pm class?

We get many emails like this each day and we encourage you to have a look through our timetable, price lists, FAQ page and Facebook page before emailing us your question. As we are not at the studio 9-5, it may be faster for you to find the information you need on our website. If you would like to give us a call, please do and leave a message. Please ensure your message is clear and concise with a contact number, so we can call you back as soon as we can.

Do you accept students from other studios?

Of course! All our classes are open to students from any studio. If you are an instructor we do ask you to please be respectful of our teachers and syllabus and let us know you teach elsewhere, so we can have a chat about what we can do for you.